As a part of World No Tobacco Day, " Anti Tobacco Awareness Campaign" was Organised by the Department o Public Health Dentistry. The event primarily focused on encouraging  users to quit tobacco. With proactive participation from all the staffs and students of Saveetha Dental College, Three main events were organised. As an In House Activity, counselling sessions and awareness talks were conducted in the lobby  at Saveetha Dental College. As a sign of support all the faculties and students wore a badge with "No Tobacco Slogans". 

Second part of the event, constituted a rally with posters and slogans on quitting tobacco. The Rally was conducted for rural people in Kuthambakam Village. Third part of the event was an awareness camp, conducted for the employees of KH exports, pvt, ltd. oral screening was done along with a one on one counselling. The camp concluded with a guest lecture by Dr.R.Pradeep Kumar.