Focus Areas of Operation

Tobacco Cessation Centre

The Centre in Saveetha Dental College is in Operation since 2005 and it works under a structured protocol of Public Health Dentistry Department. A self sustained team of doctors, students and support staff work selflessly to create a tobacco free society.

A three chain referral system ensures patient flow and each patient gets a minimum of 3 follow ups or therapy until they quit the habit. The following governs the roles and responsibilities of the centre.

  • To conduct community based de addiction programs for tobacco users

  • To identify Focus groups, such as school children, industrial workers and etc and create awareness

  • To maintain a centralised data bank for patients attending the clinic and to have a streamlined referral for tobacco users

  • To train undergraduates and post graduates to be self sufficient in cessation counselling and to ensure research in this field is conducted efficiently and ethically.


Prevention Clinic

True to focus and goal of the speciality, “prevention”; the department runs a prevention clinic inside the campus. The clinic is inclusive of health promotional activities such as Health education, Nutritional Counselling and offers Specific protection options like Topical Fluoride and Pit and fissure sealants as well. For all the patients who attend the free screening programs in the community, can avail a free basic treatment package at the Prevention clinic. Referrals are being made to other specialities in the college if the patient requires any complex dental procedures.


Rural / Sub Urban Centres


These centres act as first point of contact between the patients and the Institution offering affordable and quality oral health care. The peripheral centre is well equipped with facilities and infrastructure to deliver basic level of oral health care for the community. Apart from focussing on oral health it operates as a part of Medical centre and in turn aids in integrating oral health with primary care. A team of Faculties, Post graduates and Undergraduates deliver services at the centres. These centres prove as effective training ground for both the UGs and PGs, to run a holistic and service oriented practice tomorrow. These centres also serve as referral chains for patients visiting tobacco cessation centre in the campus.