International Refresher Course

JUNE 10 - 14 2019

Department of Public Health Dentistry along with the University of Kwazalunatal, South Africa, had organised an international refresher 4 day program on “Redefining Dental Public Health”. The course was well received by the participants, the group included under graduate and post graduate students and a handful of private practitioners. Dr.Shenuka Singh, Professor; University of Kwazalunatal and the faculties of Public Health Dentistry gave series of lectures focussing on dental public health on global and national scale. last day of the program comprised of a panel discussion and lectures by Dr.Prabhu and Dr.Rajkumar, guest speakers from Asan Dental College and SRMC respectively.


“A voice to lead - Health for All”

MAY 12 2019

International Nurses Day is observed around the world on 12th of May every year, on account of the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. To celebrate and acknowledge the selfless service of these professionals, an awareness program was conducted by the department of Public Health Dentistry, Saveetha Dental College for the nursing staffs of Saveetha Medical Hospital,Thandalam on 13th May.They were then enlightened about needle stick injuries,diseases transmitted due to needle stick injuries ,prevention,vaccination,proper waste disposal methods .At the end of the session proper oral hygiene instructions were demonstrated to them. Around 50 nursing staffs were provided free oral screening and free referral cards.


MAY 2019

Every year the department of Public Health Dentistry celebrates “No tobacco week” on the last week of may. It is one of the eight official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization (WHO).

A 3 day program was scheduled for 2019. First day (28.5.2019), the employees of YSI PVT LTD underwent a free oral cancer screening and were given group counselling on the harmful effects of using tobacco. Second day program was scheduled on 30.5.19,  a team of doctors from Saveetha Dental College had gone for dental screening and raising awareness for the health consequences of tobacco for the transgender community. Awareness was raised using posters and videos. The crowd was inquisitive and attentive throughout the presentation.

On 31st of May, 2019, the program was celebrated in various public sectors. Five  postgraduate students and fifty under graduates  participated in a human chain formation at Elliot’s beach, Besant Nagar, in association with  Indian Dental Association (Chennai branch) and Adyar Cancer Institute. It consisted of around 500 volunteers joining hands together to spread the awareness on tobacco. We had organised an awareness program during the functioning hours of the college, inside the premises too. The patients visiting the college were given one anti tobacco counselling. Pamphlets were distributed to the patients emphasizing on quitting the habit. Posters demonstrating how tobacco affects our health were explained to the patients.


APRIL 11 2019

The National Safe Motherhood Day (NSMD) is celebrated every year on April 11 to create awareness on proper healthcare and available maternity facilities to pregnant and lactating women. It also seeks to create awareness about the institutional delivery, reducing anemia among women and better pre and post natal health care are necessary for mothers. The NSMD is an initiative of White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, India (WRAI) to ensure that every women has access to during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal services. At request of WRAI, the Central Government in 2003 had instituted this day on the occasion of birth anniversary of Kasturba Gandhi wife of MK Gandhi, father of nation. India is first country in the world to celebrate National Safe Motherhood Day. Hence an awareness program was conducted for the fenale patients and women from self help groups of Gundumeduon 12th April 2019  to raise awareness regarding the importance of Safe motherhood.The participants were enlightened  about the oral consequences of pregnancy and how to prevent them. At the end of session the women were orally screened and proper brushing techniques was taught. Pamphlets were distributed on brushing technique and oral hygiene maintenance in local language.


APRIL 7 2019

The World Health Day is a global awareness day celebrated all across the world on 7th of april every year, under the sponsorship of WHO – World Health Organization. The need for World Health Day was felt owing to the increasing number of diseases and illnesses around the world. Numerous infectious diseases spring up every now and then in various parts of the world and spread like epidemics. This creates panic among people and the media adds fuel to this fear. By way of the activities held on World Health Day people are made aware about various diseases and the ways to avoid/ handle them. A theme is set for each World Health Day. The theme covers a particular health concern. The theme for 2019 is “Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere.”  The key to achieving this goal is ensuring that everyone can obtain the care they need when they need it, right in the community. This year, on the occasion of World Health Day, the Department of Public Health Dentistry visited an orphanage, “Aalayam Home for Destitute Children” in order to provide free dental screening and health education. Oral screening was done for the children living there, a series of videos on importance of maintaining a proper oral hygiene was shown to the children. Proper brushing techniques were demonstrated on tooth models for them. Free dental kits comprising of toothbrush and toothpaste were distributed among the children. 


MARCH 22 2019

World Water Day is an annual United Nations observance day that highlights the importance of freshwater. The intension is to inspire people around the world to learn more about water related issues and to take action to make a difference. Relevant issues include water scarcity, water pollution, inadequate water supply, lack of sanitation and the impact of climate changes. The day brings to light the inequality of access to water and the need to assure the human right to water and sanitation. Hence an awareness program was conducted for the students of Villivakkam Primary Union School  at   Pothur on 22nd March 2019  to raise awareness regarding the importance of water .The students were enlightened  about the consequences of water shortage, its impact on water price, food production and on the children education. At the end of the session the children were taught simple ways to conserve water.


MARCH 20 2019

World Oral Health Day is celebrated every year on 20 March. It is an international day to celebrate the benefits of a healthy mouth and to promote worldwide awareness of the issues around oral health and the importance of oral hygiene to looking after everyone old and young. The Department of Public Health Dentistry conducted a talk on the need for oral care was stressed and emphasis was made on early approach for healthy oral status for Government School children belonging to primary section at Vinayakapuram, Chennai .Tooth brushing technique, its duration, proper storage and selection of tooth brush and tooth paste, frequency of brushing and changing tooth brush, mouth rinsing and technique to use dental floss was demonstrated using an appropriate health education aid with phantom oral cavity. Oral health kit comprising tooth brush and tooth paste and stationaries were distributed to beneficiaries. Several games and quiz competitions were held and prizes were distributed to encourage their active participation.


MARCH 8 2019

Good dental or oral care is important for maintaining healthy teeth, gums and tongue. Oral problems, including bad breath, dry mouth, canker or cold sores, tooth decay, or thrush are all treatable with proper diagnosis and care. Women have special oral health requirements during the unique phases in their lives. Changes in female hormone levels during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause exaggerate the way gums react to plaque. International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 ever year to commemorate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. On the International Women’s day, Department of Public health dentistry join hands with Women empowerment cell, Saveetha dental college, conducted an awareness programme on oral health for girls. An awareness speech was given about the importance of oral health for girls stressing about the hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, puberty and menopause.The talk focussed on importance of oral health and common diseases affecting teeth and easy ways to reduce the burden. The talk also elaborated on ways of promoting oral health and also suggesting oral hygiene maintenance tips. Students were also taught about proper tooth brushing methods.


FEBRUARY 28 2019

Rare Disease Day is an observance held on the last day of February to raise awareness for rare diseases and improve access to treatment and medical representation for individuals with rare diseases and their families. The common denominator of rare diseases is the infrequency of their occurrence in the human population. Often debilitating lifelong disease or disorder condition with a prevalence of 1 or less, per 1000 population is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a rare disease.

          It is estimated that globally around 6000 to 8000 rare diseases exist with new rare diseases being reported in the medical literature regularly. However, 80% of all rare disease patients are affected by approximately 350 rare disease. India, like many other developing countries, currently has no standard definition of rare diseases and data on prevalence. Since there is no epidemiological data, there are no figures on burden of rare diseases and morbidity and mortality associated with them. So far only about 450 rare diseases have been recorded in India from tertiary care hospitals. The most common rare diseases include Haemophilia, Thalassemia, Sickle-cell Anaemia and Primary Immuno Deficiency in children, auto- immune diseases, Lysosomal storage disorders such as Pompe disease, Hirschsprung disease, Gaucher’s disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Hemangiomas and certain forms of muscular dystrophies. On the rare disease day, Department of Public health dentistry, Saveetha dental college, conducted an awareness programme for school teachers about the rare diseases prevailing in India and how to identify them early and report.



        Tooth decay, also known as dental caries or cavities, is a breakdown of teeth due to acids made by bacteria. The cavities may be a number of different colors from yellow to black. If the decay is left untreated it may lead to pain and difficulty in eating.The best way to avoid tooth decay is to keep our teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Hence an awareness program was conducted at the Primary Health Centre of Mugalivakkam for pregnant women and at the OPD on 8th February, 2019 to raise awareness regarding dental caries which eventually causes tooth ache. Images of dental caries progression were shown to them. Proper brushing technique was taught and then they were asked to demonstrate the technique themselves. They were taught during the right intervals to undergo treatment and medications for dental diseases during pregnancy. Additional information regarding infant oral hygiene was also given to them. Oral Screening camp was also conducted to them in order to detect early carious lesions thus preventing the progression of the disease leading to toothache.



Department of Public Health Dentistry conducted an awareness program, on account of world cancer day on feb 4th 2019. the program was organised for general public in Thirumalisai panchayat. The public were engaged by giving awareness lecture regarding signs and symptoms of early cancer and practical guidance was given towards habit cessation. self help materials such as pamphlets were distributed during the program. a team of enthusiastic postgraduates actively involved and participated in this awareness drive. the day also included free oral cancer screening at the urban peripheral centre in thirumalisai. Small Shops and factories in 5km radius were covered and awareness lectures were given regarding the ill effects of tobacco usage and other common cancers and advantage of addressing them at an early stage.


NOVEMBER 18 2018

Department of Public Health Dentistry never misses an opportunity to celebrate children. The department organised an awareness lecture focussing on the importance of tooth brushing, management of sports injuries, causes of childhood dental caries, malocclusion, dental traumatic injuries and oral hygiene practices. Children’s day celebration - 2018 also involved fun activities like drawing competition for primary class children, with the theme “environment and nature”. oral hygiene kits were distributed to all kids as a part of positive reinforcement and motivation



Oral health is essential to general health and quality of life. Dental caries is the most common chronic diseases and however it can be easily prevented by proper preventive practices. of all the preventive practices, tooth brushing has been the most effective and simple way to prevent dental caries as well as periodontal disease. November 7 is observed as national tooth brushing day in India to enforce the importance of children’s oral health and promote good tooth brushing habits recommended by dental health professionals. on this day, department of Public Health Dentistry, Saveetha Dental College had organised a tooth brushing demonstration of tooth brushing technique was done to all the school children. they were also educated regarding the importance of oral health and maintaining oral hygiene. free oral hygiene kits were distributed to the school children.


OCTOBER 16 2018

World food day is celebrated every year with a core objective to raise public awareness regarding importance of food, focus attention on food security and mobilize public opinion and funds in favour of the global fight against hunger.Hence an awareness program was conducted by Department of Public Health Dentistry, for the students of Government Girls Higher Secondary School at Avadi  on 16th October, 2018 to raise awareness regarding the importance of nutrition and its effect on oral health. The students were enlightened about the difference between nutrition and diet, various nutritious foods and the impact of deficiency of nutritious food on oral health. Also, oral hygiene instructions were demonstrated to them so that they can maintain their oral health.


OCTOBER 15 2018

This day is dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing. Every year, Global Handwashing Day is celebrated with events, campaigns, and handwashing programs around the world.Before each Global Handwashing Day, the Global Handwashing Partnership selects a theme that will inspire celebrants and encourage handwashing with soap beyond October 15. This year’s theme is ‘Clean Hands- A recipe for good health’. As a part of  health promotional activity, department of public health dentistry celebrated this day in government girls high school, Avadi. The programme comprisedo of an awareness talk by a post graduate, followed by practical demonstration of social handwashing to the school students. School childrens were given hand wash liquid and were asked to wash their hands following the proper hand hygiene technique.  The programme was well received by the students and faculties of the school.



Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a great Educationist, Reformer, Great Teacher and an Inspiration for all. His changes to educational system in the country is remarkable and highly successful. September 5 th of every year is celebrated as Teacher's day in remembrance of this legend. On this special day, as an initiative to create awareness regarding importance of oral hygiene, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Saveetha dental college has organized an interactive session at Government School in Maduravoyal. The session focused on the importance of oral health and common diseases affecting the oral cavity and easy ways to reduce the incidence of dental problems. The talk also threw light on the role of teachers in School Oral Health Promotion highlighting the significance of their participation in creating and spreading oral health awareness. As a part of an outreach activity in promoting the oral health of the next generation, a teeth model was donated by the Public Health Dentistry team of Saveetha Dental College to the Headmistress of the School for helping the students visualize human dentition and learn good oral hygiene habits.


AUGUST 1 2018

The Oral hygiene day celebrated every year on the 1st of August, was introduced to commemorate the birth anniversary of the doyen of Indian Periodontics and founder of the Indian Society of Periodontology (ISP), Dr G B Shankwalkar. Through the Oral Hygiene day, the Dental fraternity in the country aims to spread the message of oral hygiene and it’s Importance. Oral health neglect has been a worrisome trend with illiteracy, poverty and lack of awareness having contributed to most of the oral disease prevalence in the country today. The key to good oral hygiene lies in continued and sustainable efforts to initiate good practices and raise public awareness which is achievable through active community involvement programmes.

As an initiative to create awareness regarding importance of oral hygiene, Department of Public Health Dentistry,Saveetha dental college had organized an awareness talk  with the help of audio-visual aids at  RCM  high school,Karayanchavadi. The talk focused on importance of oral health and common diseases affecting teeth and easy ways to reduce the burden. The talk also threw light on ways of promoting oral health and also suggesting oral hygiene maintenance tips. Students were also taught about proper tooth brushing methods.As a part of health promotion strategy, as a measure of reinforcement, students were made to demonstrate the tooth brushing methods to their peers with the help of model. 


JULY 11 2018

World Population Day is a global health awareness day which is observed on July 11th every year to raise awareness on global population issues. While press interest and general awareness in the global population surges only at the increments of whole billions of people, the world population increases by 100 million approximately every 14 months. On the event of World Population day, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Saveetha Dental College, conducted an awareness programme on the rise of population of India day by day and its effect on oral health .Emphasis was made on the insufficient dentist: population ratio and the role of teachers in taking care of children’s oral health. Proper teeth brushing techniques were demonstrated to the teachers so that they can teach the students and assess their performance. Free dental screening camp for the school children was also conducted simultaneously.


JULY 1 2018

National Doctor’s Day is celebrated every year on July 1st. The day is marked to recognize the contributions of physicians to the community and create a link with the community for joining hands towards Health for All. The Department of Public Health Dentistry conducted an interactive session with medical professionals and students at Saveetha Medical College to celebrate this perfect day for spreading knowledge on the significance of oral health status contributing to overall general health.A lively session commenced with oral hygiene practices followed by them and then it focused on importance of preserving dentition, mechanism of dental problems occurrence, prevention of oral disease. Information about various available treatment modalities were delivered in a gist followed by discussion on giving effective oral hygiene instructions to patients.Emphasis was made on early approaches for a good oral health status and the importance of timely referral by medical professionals to dentists was highlighted. They were encouraged to perform roles enabling dental professional to administer preventive and minimal invasive procedures.



JUNE 14 2018

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on 14th june, the day of birthday anniversary of Karl Landsteiner, a great scientist who won the Noble prize for his great discovery of the ABO blood group system. World Blood Donor Day celebration brings a precious opportunity to all donors for celebrating it on national and global level. It is one of eight official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization (WHO).Department of Public Health Dentistry, Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals, conducted an awareness rally. About 40 students started from the campus at 8.30 am and it extended till the Kumananchavadi Junction.  The students were displaying placards emphasizing the importance, dos and donts regarding blood donation. 


JUNE 5 2018

Every year, World Environment Day falls on June 5, and has done since its inaugural year in 1974. Established by the United Nations Assembly in 1972 – on day one of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment – it was conceived to raise awareness of environmental issues of all kinds, from marine pollution to overpopulation and, of course, global warmingThe theme this year is 'Beat Plastic Pollution'. Indeed, plastic pollution is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing our planet today. It has been estimated one million plastic bottles were bought every minute, and 13 million tonnes of the stuff finding its way into our oceans each year. This year's campaign calls for people around the world to encourage everyone everywhere to start making simple lifestyle changes to cut plastic out of everyday use for good.

            As an initiative to create awareness regarding importance of environment, Department of Public Health Dentistry,Saveetha dental college has organized an awareness talk at Government girls high school, Ashok Nagar. The talk focuses on environmental pollution Men had created and easy ways to reduce the burden. The talk also throw light on plastic pollution targeting mainly on Beating plastic use and also suggesting good alternative. As a part of health promotion strategy, as a measure of reinforcement, logos about preserving environment were painted on the walls of Schools. This measure will have a profound effect on the students and will mould them as good environmentalists in future. Really, it couldn't be easier to #BeatPlasticPollution; it needs the whole effort from each and every individual.



APRIL 17 2018

As a part of out-reach oral health promotion activities, Department of Public Health Dentistry had initiated a School based oral health programme, in the name of “Saveetha Smile Squad”. This program inauguration was held on 17th April 2018, in the Panchayat Union Elementary School, Maduravoyal.This programme was inaugurated by Honorable Mrs. E. Sundaravalli, I.A.S., District Collector, Thiruvallur. Mr. Gnanasekaran, District Elementary Education officer and Mrs. Punithavalli, Assistant Education Officer, presided the function.

Dr.N.D.Jayakumar, Dean, Saveetha Dental college & Hospitals delivered the welcome address. Dr.I.Meignana Arumugham, Prof & Head of Department, Public Health Dentistry, elaborated the objectives of the school programme. He added that in Phase I, 48 Schools in Villivakkam Block and 99 Schools in Poonamallee Block will be covered in this programme. It will be expanded exponentially after the successful completion of the same.The role of schools as an ideal setting for such oral health promotion activities, significance of cultivating good oral hygiene habits at young age, number of school hours lost by students due to debilitating oral diseases, role of a public health personnel in this regard were the core issues addressed.

Following the formal start of the programme, the Honorable collector initiated the camp proceedings. Around 260 students from Class I to Class V, were individually screened. one on one health education sessions were given. Health Education Pamphlets were distributed for the participants of the camp. Referral cards were given to the students who required dental treatment.



MARCH 13 2018

Department of Public Health Dentistry had conducted a CDE on “Current Research and Community Based Dental Education”, on 13th March 2018. Two International speakers, From University of Kwazulunatal(UKZN), Durban, South Africa, visited the institution and delivered Guest lectures. Dr.Shenuka Singh, the Acting Dean of College of Health Science, gave a brief insight about the health care services in south Africa and highlighted on the Current research projects and PG training at UKZN. This was followed by the Dr.Ilana Moodley, prof. in Community Health Dentistry department gave a lecture on Community Based Dental Education at UKZN. The faculties of Saveetha Dental College and Post Graduates, who were interested in widening their horizon of research participated and benefited from the lectures. The program ended with official meeting of Team from Department of Public Health Dentistry with the International delegates in discussing about potential collaborative activities from research and academic front. 



The fourth round of Edify was held on 15 February 2018. The department activities were presented by Dr.Jayashri, both the academic and co curricular achievements since last edify were highlighted. The innovative videos were presented by Dr.D.Sri Sakthi, an infographic technique was used to prepare a teaching video titled ' Non probability sampling', and a Documentary video titled ' A day in Dental Public Health' . One more Awareness video was prepared in the regional language for the benefit of general populations; planned to be played  during screening camps and out reach programs. The progress in camps and outreach programs were compiled and presented by Dr.Pradeep Kumar. Concluding remarks and future perspectives were delivered by the Head of the Department, Dr. Meignana Arumugham.







JANUARY 27 2018

Another important aspect of Dental Public Health is aiming at an absolute infection control and Aseptic practice. A strong theoretical knowledge at an undergraduate level would ensure an ethical practice in future of the budding dentists. To ensure and enable the same a CDE program was organised by the department along with Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry. More than 125 participants registered from SDC as well from other dental colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Key lectures were given by three guest speakers; Dr.Daya (Prof), Pedodontist from Chettinadu dental college elaborated on sterilisation and disinfection procedures. Dr.Delfin (Reader) from Tagore Dental college gave an insight in to biomedical waste disposal techniques. Dr.D.Sri Sakthi Reader from SDC briefed on the application based aspects of IPAC in dental practice.




Department of Public Health Dentistry in association with Cancer Institute Adayar, had organised a CDE program on 'Tobacco Prevention and control in dental practice'.


NOVEMBER 14 2017

Children's Day is celebrated on the 14th of November in India as a tribute to Jawaharlal Nehru, who was born on November 14, 1889. Jawaharlal Nehru, who was fondly called Chacha Nehru or simply Chachaji, was known for his love for children. On this day, team PHD celebrated with school children by conducting a screening camp and delivering guest lectures.



World Tooth brushing day is celebrated on every 7th of November. Celebrating this day serves to raise awareness regarding the appropriate tooth brushing technique. On this day, the Department of Public Health Dentistry, Saveetha Dental College had organized an awareness program to destitute children in an orphanage.The event began with a fun related activity to inculcate knowledge in children about oral hygiene instructions from known to unknown. Quiz and pictorial description competitions were held to make the program more interactive and interesting. Children showed active participation and were very aptly responsive.

A speech was delivered to children about good oral hygiene maintenance practices to be followed. The content of the speech focused on the appropriate brushing technique, ideal frequency of tooth brushing, oral rinsing, selection of toothpaste and toothbrush, information about dental floss and tongue cleaning. The talk comprised of significance in seeking the help of dental professionals for early care and prevention. Finally, a gist of all above information was conveyed as take home message. The students were enlightened by the speech and it was of immense use for them.


World Mental Health Day

NOVEMBER 10 2017

WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes October 10 as World Mental Health Day and to celebrate this day Department of Public Health Dentistry organized a free yoga session to benefit the students of Mahatma Gandhi primary school, Utkottai with the main purpose to raise awareness about mental health among school students.

"Lack of awareness about mental health issues has hindered people from seeking help”. Therefore, we educated students on how yoga and breathing exercise helps to overcome anxiety, stress and manage to concentrate on studies. We need to acknowledge the fact that our mental health needs serious attention. On World Mental Health Day 2017 we made students take a pledge that they will not neglect mental health and they will focus on breathing exercises and yoga to keep themselves rejuvenated. If followed religiously this will increase productivity and ease our lives further. A little effort can help to check depression.



OCTOBER 16 2017

As part of the zero hunger campaign, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Saveetha Dental College conducted an awareness drive on 'world food day'. As a part of the drive, the school children from LCVKS school, Kattupakkam was given a demonstration with food pyramid models and  talk with audio visual aids, emphasising on the importance of nutrition and balanced diet in growth and development



OCTOBER 15 2017

October 15 of every year is celebrated as Global hand washing day. Majority of the communicable diseases are spread through improper personal hygiene practices; specially among young children. It is the responsibility of a public health personnel to impart knowledge and create awareness among the school children.

post graduates of Saveetha Dental College, visited LCVKS school on this day, played a short film, emphasising on the importance of hand washing and practically demonstrated hand hygiene steps to the school children. The program was well received by the school children and appreciated by the faculties.




Geriatric health is a dimension which requires holistic approach. A healthy smile with sound teeth and supporting structures of oral cavity in itself denotes a good quality of life in older people. Department of public health dentistry in association with Dr.V.S.N foundation had organised an awareness and screening program for elderly people. The event took place in Vidyodaya girls school auditorium. Around 75 elderly persons participated and benefited out of the program.



5 th of every September is recognised and celebrated as Teacher's day. As an effort to acknowledge every teachers hard work and passion, Team public health dentistry celebrated teachers day in "St.Joseph School" in poonamalle. A motivating talk and oral health promotional talk was given by post graduates of the department, followed by a screening camp for the teachers and students of the school.



AUGUST 28 2017

The epidemic which threatens mankind with its disabling mortality and morbidity rates every season is indeed a potential public health problem.

"Better safe than to be sorry" holds good for this disease. Health care professionals are the ones, who are at a responsible position in the society; to be aware and spread the awareness as well. Hence a dengue awareness lecture was organised by department of public health dentistry in co ordination with institute of public health. Dr. Velmurugan, a renowned epidemiologist delivered a lecture on preventive aspects of dengue. stalls were also setup by public health workers for practical demonstration regarding dengue mosquito infestation, water stagnation and prevention.



AUGUST 1 2017

Good oral hygiene habits, avoiding risk factors and having a regular dental check-up from early in life can help maintain optimal oral health.Its primary objective is to spread the message of Oral health and its importance and to curb the worrisome trend of neglect,which has been one of the main causes for dental diseases. Nevertheless, the dental fraternity observes that the Oral hygiene of an average Indian has improved in the last decade.On this day, the Department of Public Health Dentistry, Saveetha Dental College had organized an awareness program on “Preserving healthy oral cavity” at a school for special children .Special children cannot express their discomforts or ailments effectively to others, hence it is very important to maintain good oral hygiene in them. A guest lecture on awareness of maintaining good oral hygiene was delivered and the special children were given free powered tooth brushes.


Menace of over population and solutions to overcome the crisis

JULY 11 2017

The 'World Population day' on 2017 was celebrated by organising an Awareness lecture for higher secondary students of 'Government Girls Higher secondary school, Poonamalle'. The lecture was based on the Theme for 2017, "Family planning , Empowering people, Developing nations". Around 1200 school children were addressed and an interactive awareness lecture was given by Dr.Shree lakshmi (P.G).   



JULY 4 2017

As a part of the department's Oral Health promotion activities, Interactive, Activity based awareness sessions are being conducted periodically for school children. This July 2017, two hundred students from 'Pupil, Eco School' actively participated in a campaign arranged by the department. The student were split in to four groups and the following were done;oral health related awareness lectures, audio visual presentations, activity sheets were given to them. positive feed back was given by both students and the accompanying faculty.


JULY 1 2017

As a tribute to Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, every year July first is celebrated as 'National Doctors Day'. This day every year 'The Department of Public Health Dentistry', Saveetha Dental college recognises and felicitates young and deserving doctors who work with a service bent of mind. This year, the Primary health centre at Poonamallee was chosen. A camp was conducted, with talks focusing on core topics like, 'significance of doctors and medical profession in day to day life' and on 'Dental health and its impact on general health'. Dr.Arthi was presented a bouquet and felicitated. 


JUNE 21 2017

Since 2015, June 21st is recognised as 'International Yoga Day'. As a part of spreading awareness and celebrating the same, Saveetha Dental College had organised Debates in Tamil and English. Whether Yoga centres are boon or bane in today's scenario was the core topic for discussion. Public Health Dentistry department actively coordinated and Organised the event. Dean, Dr. Jaya Kumar, presided the event and gave his valuable insights on significance of yoga in today's scenario. 


JUNE 14 2017

Globally this day is celebrated on 14th june, to raise awareness towards the importance of blood donation and how it can be a life saver during emergency situation. Despite the technological development, lots of myths and misconceptions revolve around donating blood. As a part of Out Reach activities, the department organises awareness campaigns every year. Do's and Dont's regarding blood donation was explained to public by posters, health talks and distributing pamphlets.


JUNE 7-9 2017

Fifth international conference on Mass Disaster Management was organised by the Wessex Institute, Southampton. The conference was held at Seville, Spain. Delegates from more than fifteen countries attended and presented at the conference. Dr.D.SriSakthi from the Department represented India, and presented a paper under mitigation and preparedness activities during mass disaster management. 


JUNE 5 2017

As a part of institutional social responsibility, 'a pollution awareness campaign' was conducted on june 5 th 2017.  Samplings were planted by department of Public Health Dentistry, inside the campus of Saveetha Dental College. On the same day, awareness talks on environmental pollution and free oral health screening was done for lorry truck drivers, at Manali, Sathankadu. 


MAY 31 2017

As a part of World No Tobacco Day, " Anti Tobacco Awareness Campaign" was Organised by the Department o Public Health Dentistry. The event primarily focused on encouraging  users to quit tobacco. With proactive participation from all the staffs and students of Saveetha Dental College, Three main events were organised. As an In House Activity, counselling sessions and awareness talks were conducted in the lobby  at Saveetha Dental College. As a sign of support all the faculties and students wore a badge with "No Tobacco Slogans". 

Second part of the event, constituted a rally with posters and slogans on quitting tobacco. The Rally was conducted for rural people in Kuthambakam Village. Third part of the event was an awareness camp, conducted for the employees of KH exports, pvt, ltd. oral screening was done along with a one on one counselling. The camp concluded with a guest lecture by Dr.R.Pradeep Kumar.


MAY 5 2017

On Account of the World Hand Hygiene Day, on May 5th 2017. Awareness Programs were organised for the public by the Department of Public Health Dentistry. Proper hand hygiene practices were demonstrated with the help of posters and pamphlets were distributed. 



Three guest lectures were delivered by the faculties of Public Health Dentistry Department in the month of March and April. On March 15 2017, Dr.R.Pradeep Kumar addressed IFS Volunteers in Thai Moogambigai Dental College and delivered a lecture on 'Personality Development'.  Dr.I.Meignana Arumugham addressed Private Practitioners in a CDE program conducted by IDA in Estuary Islands, Poovar, His lecture was on 'Preventive Dentistry in Clinical Practice'. Dr.D.SriSakthi Delivered a Guest lecture in a CDE Program on BIO SAFETY conducted by Chettinadu Dental College and Hospitals. 'The Lecture was on Infection Prevention and Control in Dental Office'.  



                                                                7 APRIL 2017                                                                  

The Department of Public Health Dentistry along with Saveetha Medical College organised a Guest lecture on account of World Health Day. The Guest lecture was based on the theme for the year, "Depression, Let's Talk".  Two Eminent speakers adorned the function. Dr.Narayanaswamy, an Interventional Cardiologist Gave insights on how  mental health can affect the heart. and Dr. K.Raman, a Psychatrist conducted an interactive session  focusing on de stressing and  relaxing techniques. Dr.R.Pradeep Kumar delivered a host lecture focusing on effect of Mental health on  general health. over 50 participants registered for the lecture.



6 APRIL 2017

Third round of Edify was a great success for the Department. The highlights for the day were; Dr.Meignana Arumugham (Head) received the award for 'Most Punctual Faculty' and 'Workaholic Faculty'. Dr. Shabeenataj Received the award for Highest Clinical procedure count (Clinic 3).   Dr. R.Pradeep Kumar briefed on the highlights of the department and out reach activities since inception. Dr.D.Sri Sakthi presented on the academic achievements and innovative videos formulated by the department for student education and Social awareness.  The Department Received the highest aggregate score (8.76) till date. The Department also released the new QR Code system for patient education and awareness.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO- IADR APR

22-28 April 2017

Knowledge expands by sharing and discussing. Travel ensures new knowledge.

A team of 2 faculties ( Dr.I.Meignana Arumugham & Dr.R.Pradeep kumar) and a II year post graduate (Dr.Vyshiali) registered for the IADR Conference in Francisco, held between 22 - 28 march 2017. Two scientific papers were presented from the department.

                                                                                                                                                                SCOPE OF DENTAL PUBLIC HEALTH ABROAD- GUEST LECTURE

25 MARCH 2017              

Dr. Badrinatheswar Geli Venkata,BDS, DDPH (U.K) (Academic counsellor for Dental Public Health) formerly associated with AIMS university, Malaysia, visited Saveetha Dental College on 25.3.17. He delivered a guest lecture on 'Scope of Dental Public Health Abroad'. About 10 Post Graduates and about 70 interns and 12 faculties attended the guest lecture. 

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To Improve the Public health related quality of life

Our Mission 

To Promote oral health in India, by providing effective resources and interventions and by influencing Public health policy

To lead improvement in oral health for all, particularly vulnerable groups and those in need


Dimensions of Activity

Dimensions of Activity

1. Dental Public Health Programs

2. Out-reach Oral Health Screening Programs

3. Preventive Dentistry Programs

4. Research in Dental Public Health

5. Free oral health Services in Department

Dimensions of Activity

Dimensions of Activity

1. Dental Public Health Programs

2. Out-reach Oral Health Screening Programs

3. Preventive Dentistry Programs

4. Research in Dental Public Health

5. Free oral health Services in Department